Maldives Tour | The Tropical Paradise in the World.

Maldives Tour

The Maldives is a steamy nation that has some famous island, luxurious resorts, more than 26 ring-shaped atolls, which are made up of more than 1,000 coral islands. The Maldives is well known for its beaches, blue lagoons, wonderful islands, and extensive reefs. Male is the capital of Maldives which has a busy fish market, restaurants and shopping center on the main road, and 17th-century Hukuru Miskiy made of carved white coral. The Republic of the Maldives is a spray of coral atolls and tiny islands in the Indian Ocean, just south-west of Sri Lanka. Tourists from all over the world come to the Maldives to enjoy the perfect tropical islands, the amazing underwater environment, and the excitement of diving, surfing, and sailing in crystal clear, and warm blue water.

Maldives Map

Location of Maldives

The Maldives is located in the continent of Asia. The Maldives is covered with 298 square kilometers of land, making it the 214th major nation in terms of land area.
The Maldives became a sovereign state in 1965, after gaining its independence from the United Kingdom. The currency of Maldives is the Rufiyaa (MVR). As well, the people of Maldives are referred to as Maldivian.
The country dialing code is 960 and the top-level internet domain for Maldivian sites is .mv.
The Maldives does not share land borders with any country.

The Natural Beauty of Maldives

The Maldives are known as “the tropical paradise” in the world mainly for its beauty. This tropical country has separated islands and every island is surrounded by its own lagoon. Each island has clean white sandy beaches.
Maldives 99% area is covered by the sea and it is where you can see beautiful fishes and corals. There are more than five thousand coral reefs and plenty of reef fish, corals, and many other marine lives you could see underwater. The memorable task in the Maldives would be diving.
A vacation in the Maldives would be relaxing and enjoyable with the white sand beaches and coconut palms surrounded. The first thing you will see when you look at an island from a distance it will be coconut palms and green trees. If you are traveling from a seaplane you could see the beautiful islands from the window, and give you an amazing experience of seeing the small chained

5 Best Areas to Stay in the Maldives

Baa Atoll

Baa Atoll is the best place to stay in the Maldives. The Baa Atoll is located in the North-west part of the Maldives and it is consists of over 75 islands, of these only 21 are inhabited. The Baa Atoll is further separated into three nature atolls such as Maalhosmadulu Atoll, Fasdūtherē Atoll, and the Goifulhafehendhu Atoll.
The Baa Atoll has 8 islands that are owned by private resorts, but which things make those atolls great that is it strikes the perfect balance between having just enough modern conveniences while still being far away from the business hub in Male.
The Baa Atoll offers spectacular white sand secluded beaches on uninhabited islands, diving with exotic creatures such as whale sharks and manta rays, some of the best impressions in the world for surfing, as well as swanky luxurious resorts.

Things to See and Do in the Baa Atoll

 Swim with whale sharks in Hanifaru, the gentle giant of the sea!
 Snorkel and view an underwater zoo of coral and foreign fish in Landaa Giraavaru.
 Scuba dive in the ocean’s depths and uncover hidden treasures!
 Layout a towel and soak up some sun on Reethi Beach.
 Bite it to something that will make you crave for more when you eat at Sea Fire Salt Sky.
 Dine with the fish when you eat Underwater Restaurant on Kihavah Huravalhi.
 Take a drink and relax on the beach at Moodhu Baa Atoll.

Where to Stay in the Baa Atoll

Azoush Tourist – Guesthouse Best Budget Hotel in the Baa Atoll

Azoush Tourist Guesthouse is a cheap budget hotel in the Baa Atoll
Every traveler will get an impersonal mega-resorts and fall in love with Maldivan culture by staying at Azoush Tourist Guesthouse. The welcoming staff of the guesthouse will make you feel right at home and even assist in booking tours, boats, as well as organizing various water sports.
Each room of the Azoush included a flat-screen TV, free wifi, air-conditioning, and a private bathroom.

LVIS Blancura Hotel – Best Mid-Range Hotel in the Baa Atoll

LVIS Blancura Hotel is the best mid-range hotel in the Baa Atoll
It feels right at home in between towering coconut trees and the slow peaceful blue waves when you check into LVIS Blancura Hotel.
The hotel has a snack bar, restaurant, tour desk, and garden, both convenience and relaxation are both laid out on your doorstep. Each spacious room has free WiFi, flat-screen TV, minibar, common bathroom, and a private bathroom.
at LVIS blancura you will feel like one of the family when you will stay here.

Milaidhoo Island Maldives – Best Luxurious Hotel in the Baa Atoll

Milaidhoo Island Maldives is the most popular hotel in the Baa Atoll.
There are no resorts available closer to the aquatic wonderland under the sea the Resort Milaidhoo Island.
The hotel situated on an actual UNESCO biosphere reserve, an underwater multi-color forest is only a quick dip away. Once you rematerialize, catch a rest at one of the three restaurants or two bars that have an array of alcoholic beverages.
The fun never stops in this hotel like organized snorkeling, yacht cruises, yoga classes, and many more.
End your day by staying your traditional villa made with all Maldivan hand-made equipment and wake up each morning to the sun playing off the water from your 180-degree view of the ocean.

Kaafu Atoll

Kaafu Atoll is the best place to stay in the Maldives on a budget
The Kaafu Atoll physically contains many islands including the capital: Male. Male, however, belongs to its own separate unit altogether and in terms of administration is not part of Kaafu despite its location.
With over 107 islands in Kaafu Atoll, there is sure to always be something to explore in the Kaafu Atoll.
Due to the island’s immediacy to the capital, prices for hotels, transportation, and day to day requirements will not be as expensive when compared with some of the more remote regions.
Even with a larger meditation of hotels, Kaafu does not give up any of its natural beauty. This region boasts some of the best snorkeling, diving, and dancing on beaches in the entire country!

Things to See and Do in the Kaafu Atoll

 Island hop and discover uninhabited beaches in the Indian Ocean!
 Get a massage and unwind at the Vail Spa.
 Visit one of the local mosques and experience native culture.
 Sunbathe on one of the many beaches that Kaafu has to offer!
 Go out on a cruise and feel the ocean breeze flowing through your hair!
 Grab a bite while being served on the beach at MU Beach Bar & Grill.

Where to Stay in the Kaafu Atoll

Hibiscus Holidays – Best Budget Hotel in the Kaafu Atoll

Get the most hit for your buck by staying at Hibiscus Holiday’s guesthouse, a beachside hotel that is sure to make you have the vacation of your dreams. Other than it’s a private beach, Hibiscus also provides its guests with a restaurant, garden, and terrace.
Each room has free WiFi, air-conditioning, an electric kettle, and a private bathroom.

Hulhan’gu Lodge – Best Mid-Range Hotel in the Kaafu Atoll

The hotel offers its tourists access to an onsite restaurant which includes free coffee and water as well as opportunities to participate in hotel-sponsored events!
Each room ai Hulhan’gu has dramatic views of the gardens or ocean as well as flat-screen TVs, private bathrooms, and free WiFi!

One & Only Reethi Rah – Best Luxury Hotel in the Kaafu Atoll

One & Only Reethi Rah is located in a tropical paradise, it,s dazzles guests with stunning views of both the island and the Indian Ocean.
The resort continues to dazzle its guests with a perpetuity pool, private beaches, 4 restaurants, and bar, and a spa.
Each of the hotel’s luxurious rooms come complete with a flat-screen TV, iPod docks, and free WiFi. If you are ready for non-stop fun and round the clock relaxation then One & Only is just for you!

North Male Atoll

North Male Atoll is our pick for the best area to stay in the Maldives for nightlife
Nightlife in the Maldives is limited strictly to foreign tourists. By law, every citizen of the country is Muslim.
The government takes their religion very seriously to the point where they have even moved people from sparingly populated islands to urban centers in order for them to participate in Friday prayers.
Just because the locals don’t drink doesn’t mean you can’t party hard! Bars, clubs, and music venues can be found at resorts around the country to make sure that the beats don’t stop pumping, even in the middle of the Indian ocean.

Being the most populated region of all of the Maldives, it goes without saying that the North Male Atoll has the most bars and clubs by volume.
Just because you are out in the middle of nowhere does not mean you can’t still dance, but in North, Male tourists are sure to have tons of choices on where to dance the night away!

Things to See and Do in North Male Atoll

 Dance at Kurumba, where DJs will be laying down the hottest tracks in the country!
 Drink it up at Club Med Kani, with three bars in one club you are sure to have the night of your life!
 Head over to Paradise Island Resort for a more laid-back experience drinking on cocktails and socializing.
 Watch a movie in the great outdoors at Jungle Cinema.
 Go local and visit the fish market in the capital: Male!
 Get a blast from the past when you walk through the National Museum.
 Feel the history when you visit Hukuru Miskiiy, the oldest mosque in the country.

Where to Stay in the North Male Atoll

Rashu Hiyaa – Best Budget Hotel in the North Male Atoll

Rashu Hiyaa provides there guests with a little bit of everything, from free bikes to private beaches, guests are sure to have the time of their life in a fixed budget in the Maldives!
The hotel also has a restaurant, water sports facilities, and a shared lounge. Each room includes free WiFi, refrigerator, dining room, and some even with a private spa!

Cokes Beach Maldives – Best Mid-Range Hotel in North Male Atoll.

You make the most out of your holiday when staying at Cokes Beach! This hotel includes a private beach, restaurant, garden, lounge, and so much more!
After waking up from your comfortable, tastefully decorated room, enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast before initial out on another relaxing day in the Maldives.

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru

Those looking for your luxury getaway, look no further! Banyan Tree offers its guests exclusive villas with spectacular views of the ocean as well as sun decks, a coffee maker, and free WiFi.
The resort also provides its guests access to a fitness center, spa, bar, and three restaurants. It doesn’t matter if you will be taking a dip into the sea or relaxing on the beach, the beginnings to your dream vacation start here!

Faafu Atoll

The Faafu Atoll is the coolest place to stay in the Maldives
There are several different ways to define “cool”. What the Maldives lacks in hipster coffee shops and period clothing stores is made up of isolated islands that seem like they are on the frame of the map.
Out of the 23 islands of Faafu only 5 are inhabited with a total population adding up to 4,200. Making this atoll one of the smallest, populated, and least visited atolls in all of the Maldives.
For those wishing to truly get away from it all and have some of the best beaches, surfing and diving all to themselves, nothing can top the Faafu Atoll.

Things to See and Do in the Faafu Atoll

 Have your own private stretch of beach devoid of pesky tourists!
 Take a dive and explore the wrecking of two traditional dhonis.
 Snorkel and view an array of colorful coral.
 Swim with reef sharks, turtles, and eagle rays!
 Explore the small fishing village of Nilandhoo.

Where to Stay in the Faafu Atoll

Orchid Inn Nilandhoo

Welcome to your personal secluded piece of paradise, the Orchid Inn provides budget accommodation in one of the most remote places on the planet!
This hotel offers modest rooms with free WiFi, air-conditioning, flat-screen TV, teapot, and a private bathroom.
Start every morning off right with your choice of halal, continental, or Asian breakfast before setting off to explore the islands of the Faafu Atoll!

Nilandhe Inn

Nilandhe Inn is the best mid-range hotel in the Faafu Atoll
Nilandhe Inn is sure to offer guests in the Faafu Atoll a luxurious experience for half the price. This hotel provides guests with relaxing lounges and wide open terraces. Every room comes with a flat-screen TV, free WiFi, and some with a balcony.
Send your taste buds to heaven every morning when treating yourself to the hotel’s delicious buffet. The hotel also organizes various activities such as snorkeling, diving and more!

Filitheyo Island Resort

Filitheyo Island Resort is the best luxury hotel in the Faafu Atoll
As the sole luxury resort in the Faafu Atoll, Filitheyo Island Resort grants its guests access to some of the most “off the beaten path” places in the world, all from the comfort of their 5-star hotel.
Each stilt villa comes with a wooden terrace, flat-screen TV, CD player, and mini-bar. The hotel also provides massages, an on-site dive center, an outdoor infinity pool, an international buffet, 2 restaurants, and a bar.

Ari Atoll

The Ari Atoll is by far one of the most beautiful places in all of the Maldives, with some of the most luxurious resorts in the whole nation!
It doesn’t matter if you will be exploring the ocean’s depths or lounging with a good book on the beach, the Ari Atoll is sure to cater to whatever the tourist’s needs maybe!
Other than the islands’ stunning natural beauty and modern resorts, the Ari Atoll also offers a bit of local flavor as well with its fishing villages and historic mosques.
The Ari Atoll is known for being the most invested in and developed atoll in all of the Maldives. With only a 30-minute plane ride from Male, your family’s dream vacation is just a short trip away!

Things to See and Do in Ari Atoll

 Go out on a boat and watch for whales and dolphins!
 Head out to Fish Head and be on the lookout for sharks!
 View the swimming manta rays and other schools of colorful fish!
 Explore the white sand beaches of Dhigurah.

Where to Stay in the Ari Atoll

Thoddoo Retreat

Thoddoo Retreat covers all the bases for tourists looking to bring their dream vacation to life in the Maldives. With a private beach, restaurant, garden, and snack bar, guests are sure to have everything they need within their grasp.
The hotel also organizes various excursions such as windsurfing, snorkeling, and so much more. Each of the hotel’s rooms come with free WiFi, air-conditioning, a washing machine, a dining area, and a private bathroom.

Relax Residence

Relax Residence is the best mid-range hotel in Ari Atoll
The Relax Residence on Thoddoo will do more than just refresh its guests, this hotel will provide you with the best service and amenities available on the island.
Relax Residence has bikes available for hire, free WiFi, snorkeling, and even skiing. With an on-site restaurant and a delicious breakfast, you are sure to have a good time in the Ari Atoll!

Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

Guests are sure to never have a dull moment when staying at Veligandu Island Resort & Spa. This mega hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, garden, terrace, restaurants, bars, a game room, and so much more!
Each of the resorts spacious luxurious rooms come with a flat-screen TV, free WiFi, and air-conditioning. From dramatic views to live music, at Veligandu Resort guests are sure to have the time of their life!

Best Things to Do in the Maldives


Snorkeling is a great option If scuba diving isn’t your thing. The reefs are so perfect in the Maldives that you don’t have to go deep to see a lot!
When you will go to snorkeling with sea turtles and saw more than half a dozen munching their lunches at the reef.
Spending a solid two hours in the water, you will also manage to see so much more than just sea turtles.
You can also like the immense schools of colorful fish flocking together as they floated with the tides.

Dolphin Spotting

When we arrived at Cinnamon Hakurra, one of the best things to do in the Maldives is, “Hands down, the Dolphin excursion.
You can decide to do it before sunset and set out in search of pods of dolphins.
It didn’t take long for a captain to spot one and before long; the dolphins were playing in our wake a leaping at our bow. You can see a few dolphins in the wild, and you must say, the dolphins in the Maldives are some of the most active and playful we have ever seen!

Island Hopping

Believe it or not, there is a large resolution in the Maldives and many locals live and work on the islands.
If you stay at a classified island in the Maldives, make sure to book an excursion to visit the nearby communities.
The Maldives follow stern a Muslim culture so be sure to dress respectably in long skirts/shorts and no spaghetti strap sleeves.
You can also visit two nearby islands, Mule, the capital of the Atoll and Naalaafushee, a fishing village.

Surfing in the Maldives

The Maldives is a world-class surfing destination.
The Cinnamon Dhonveli attracts top surfers from around the world to expression its awesome break free from crowds.
The surfing was beyond our very amateur skill level, but each morning you can watch the pros head out to face the pipe as we sipped our morning coffee.
This break is measured as one of the best on earth and Dhonveli is even a stop on the pro circuit.

Stand up Paddle Boarding

The Maldives is a great place for stand up paddleboarding (SUP) because most islands are surrounded by calm low waters that only ebb and flow with the rising tides.
You can paddle along in safe bays with water so it,s clear that you can see fish swimming right below your boards.

Balinese Massage

The Maldives was made for romance and when visiting the island paradise, you must take some time to indulge yourself.
Most people visit the Maldives were couples and families and we highly recommend a couple’s massage for the romance factor.

As calming music plays, skilled masseurs rub away the aches and pains from your long flight or day out in the sun.
After an hour and a half of luxury, make sure you have nothing else on your to-do list for the day, as you’ll want to enjoy relaxation.

Sunset Romantic Dinner

You don’t think there is no more romantic destination on earth than the Maldives.
If you are traveling as a couple and want to indulge in a romantic night out, this is the place to do it.
While most food is rock style in the Maldives, take a break from the smorgasbord and enjoy either a sunset beach or sunset pier dinner.
We found the meal to be a bit pricey at $220 per couple, but it did include a bottle of champagne, a private waiter and a meal prepared right at your table

Best Places to Visit in the Maldives


Thrumming with scooters and cars and Indian bazaars stacked with coconuts and spice, the town of Male – the capital of the Maldives atolls – has the frenzied feel of an area crammed into a slot that’s too little for it.
And that’s as a result of it’s.
Although seldom visited (most travelers bypass the town on seaplanes heading straight for his or her resort), the city is crammed onto a runty island in the North Male atoll.
It manages to suit some fascinating sights between its streets although, just like the 17th-century Friday masjid and therefore the gold-tipped Muslim Centre.
Male Market is another should – simply take care of get your haggle skills up to scratch.

Hulhumale Island

Sat simply across the sparkling waters from the capital of Male, the island of Hulhumale is forever growing and growing as a lot of and a lot of lands are saved to accommodate the sprawling urban tendrils of the town.
It’s conjointly the house of the Velana International airfield, that is that the main entrance to those paradisiacal islands for many.
However, don’t be suspend by however all that sounds – Hulhumale is really a captivating place.


Maafushi may not have the sprawling luxury resorts and princely 5-star hotels that a lot of its close brothers do, however it’s got many charms.
Sadly ravaged within the 2004 ocean wave, the place has been busy reconstruction its salt-washed fishing jetties and industrious sailor huts within the last decade.
Something that’s helped is that the gap of rights to native guesthouses, which is remodeling Maafushi into one of the highest off-beat island getaways for budget travelers.
Of course, you’ll expect attractive beaches backed with palms, covering waves, and a clutch of homely little low outlets on the shore.


Sat on the way northern reaches of the Haa Alif coral reef, itself the northmost of all the Asiatic island chains, the gorgeous website of Utheemu holds a special place within the history of this terra firma nation.
That’s as a result of it absolutely was once the house of the revered grand Turk Mohamed Thakurufaanu – the leader who’s attributable to driving out Portuguese invaders from the isles within the late sixteenth century.
Of course, there area unit the same old sparkling white sands and covering ocean waves, however, this area unit punctuated by heritage sites just like the Utheemu Ganduvaru, that is the attractive timber-built palace wherever the revered leader grew up.


Feydhoo’s story could be a curious one.
In the nineteenth century, the folks currently living between the foliate streets and tightly knit housing blocks here were the inhabitants of close Gan island (more on it one later). once the British came in the run-up to WWII, Gan was reworked into an airbase, and therefore the locals were shipped dead set continue to exist ensuing island on in the Seenu atoll.
That was Feydhoo, that is nowadays a reasonable image of lived-in Asiatic life.
Come and stroll the winding walkways and sample food curries with the locals – the welcome is often heated.


Joined at the hip to same Feydhoo by a coast causeway that runs simply on top of the coral-fringed shores of the Seenu coral reef, Maradhoo could be a major link within the island chain that starts with Gan to the east.
Long and skinny, it juts out into the ocean sort of a finger fringed with slim beachfront and swaying groves of coconut palms.
As in Feydhoo, the local’s area unit laid-back and beautiful, and culinary art is spicy and made in food.
Be sure to require a walk down Link Road and flit between the low outlets and sandwich vendors that meet between the palm trees there.

Veligandu Island

Romantic sunsets, red and blue waters of the Indian Ocean, cocktails clink within the resort’s luxurious bar; ocean kayaks bob on the turquoise boundary, and crystal-clear waves appear softly from the midland laguna.
Welcome to uber-beautiful Veligandu Island, which has long been championed joined of the highest destinations within the Maldives for couples.
Honeymooners and newly-weds area unit a typical website on this long, skinny finger of land on the western fringe of the North Ari coral reef, and there area unit lots of luxurious coast villas and suites to match.

Banana Reef

Many travelers heading to the islands of the Maldives are returning for one factor and one factor only: diving.
And there are few single higher places to don the breathing apparatus gear and wetsuits within the country than at the Banana Reef.
This fruit-shaped dash of multi-colored corals and seaweed-clad sandbanks lies underwater between the isles of the North Male coral reef.
It’s served by unnumberable outfitters, United Nations agency leads excursions to uncover the patterned snappers and bulbous sponges, the reef sharks and therefore the barracudas that each one coalesces here.

Thulusdhoo Island

It’s the spirit of the salt-washed Caribbean that appears to drive Thulusdhoo Island.
Largely undiscovered, this speck within the Male Atolls is ringed by wide areas of sand from those bulbous coconut trunks sprout by the hundred.
The beaches area unit – naturally – nice, and therefore the locals like to attract their attenuation fishing boats to flint up a decent sizzling food barbeque currently and so.
That all fits dead with the opposite pursuit of travelers on Thulusdhoo: water sport.
Look for the fun left-hand rollers that turn out to barrel off of Villingilimathi Huraa nearby.


Fuvahmulah promises one thing a bit different to the remainder of the Asiatic atolls.
For starters, this speck on the map of the ocean doesn’t extremely have any close to neighbors, and it occupies a coral reef all of its own.
It’s additionally peppered with the occasional midland lake, which could be a rare sight to see during this flat-lying country.
Meanwhile, the sandbanks that ring in style Banging Beach play some bally rollers and refreshing salt-spray (a break from the same old reposeful covering lagoons), and therefore the proximity to the Earth’s equator means that sticky weather throughout the year.

Best time of year to travel to the Maldives

As a tropical monsoon climate, the Maldives has two dominating seasons: a time of year (associated with dry northeast winter monsoons) and a wet season (associated with wet southwest monsoons and powerful winds and storms). The time of year has very little rain and lower humidity; it lasts from December-April. The wet season is (you guessed it) wetter, characterized by stronger winds and rain; it lasts from May-November.
For divers, each the dry and wet seasons have their advantages: throughout the time of year, visibility is excellent, because of currents starting to flow in Nov from the northeast; the currents begin to weaken in Feb. throughout the wet season, the water temperatures area unit a few degrees lower, and this looks to inspire larger numbers of hammerhead sharks and reef sharks to congregate and to try and do this in shallower waters than within the time of year. Visibility is not nearly as good, however, because of the currents area unit less.

Maldives Weather

Maldives Weather in January

The Maldives’ weather in January sees hot, sunny days with low wetness and plenty of sunshine. There might be a slight likelihood of some rain, however, this tends to occur within the afternoons and passes over quickly. The ocean is evident and heat with wonderful visibility and is ideal for skin-diving and scuba-diving.

Maldives Weather in February

February is maybe one of the best months to go to the Maldives. It’s the nation’s driest month, with but 70mm of monthly rain, around ten hours of sunshine daily, and balmy temperatures of 30°C / 86°F and. Visibility is superb for skin-diving and scuba-diving.

Maldives Weather in March

March in the Maldives sees temperatures rising to a median of 30°C / 88°F that area unit great for long, lazy days on the beach, sunbathing, skin-dive and swimming. There might be many doable short bursts of rain, which provide relief from the steaming temperatures, and visibility is excellent for skin-diving and scuba-diving. March is also the start of the surfriding season within the Maldives, that brings lovely waves and lasts till October. during this ‘surfing season,’ the largest waves area unit presumably to occur between June and August, caused by storms within the Roaring Forties delivery massive swells to the dry land.

Maldives Weather in April

This is another magnificently hot month in the Maldives with temperatures reaching into the mid-30s / 80s. april is formally the tip of the time of year, and frequent showers begin to occur around the middle of the month. The air conjointly becomes wetter, however, visibility for skin-diving and scuba-diving is superb. this can be conjointly a decent time to get pleasure from Associate in Nursing open water swimming vacation with flat calm seas.

Maldives Weather in May

May is formally the start of the wet season with hot, muggy days, average temperatures of 31°C / 88°F, and a high risk of significant rain and storms throughout the day. due to the significant rain and higher levels of being within the water, visibility for skin-diving and scuba-diving is slightly reduced, however still enjoyable. bear in mind that if there area unit thunderstorms within the space, it’s not a decent plan to be within the water, thus head all the way down to the beach for a few water-based activities. can also see the start of the holy month of Ramadan (known as Ramazan in the Maldives), delivery some restrictions to native islands.

Maldives Weather in Jun

While June has a high chance of rain and reduced visibility because of them being within the water, this can be an incredible time to dive with manta rays and whale sharks that come back to feed on the huge amounts of being within the water. This month sees several of the resorts giving special deals wherever guests will relish the inordinateness of non-beach and water-based amenities that they need to supply. The holy month of Ramadan (Ramazan) continues into June.

Maldives Weather in July

The Maldives’ weather in July is hot and wet, with short significant downpours. this can be a very blast of the year for surfers with {the largest|the most important|the massivegest} waves stemming from the storms within the Roaring Forties delivery big swells to the dry land. Swell is amazingly consistent throughout now of the year, with the common wave measure 2 to eight-foot-tall. it’s conjointly still a good time to dive with manta rays and whale sharks that come back to go after the large amounts of being within the water. The twenty-sixth of July is that the Asiatic Independence Day and sees parades and public celebrations on most of the resort islands.

Maldives Weather in August

August is hot, wet and wet, with a median of seven hours of sunshine on a daily basis and short significant downpours throughout the day. Visibility is slightly reduced because of the being within the water, however several of the resorts provide attractive deals, creating it a favorite time to go to.

Maldives Weather in September

September within the Maldives is one among the wettest months with average most temperatures of 30°C / 86°F and around seven hours of sunshine on a daily basis. because of the significant rain and better levels of being within the water, visibility for skin-diving and scuba-diving is slightly reduced, however still pleasant with wonderful possibilities of seeing manta rays and whale sharks.

Maldives Weather in October

October is that the Maldives’ wettest month, with high humidness and full days of rain. this can be the last month of the Maldives’ water sport season, with the South-West monsoons, that occur between might and Gregorian calendar month, providing outstanding water sport the Northern and Central Atolls. because of the heavy rain and better levels of being within the water, visibility for skin-diving and scuba-diving is slightly reduced, but still, a good time to dive with manta rays and whale sharks.

Maldives Weather in November

November within the Maldives is that the finish of the wet season with short showers within the afternoons and otherwise bright, sunny days. Temperatures average around 30°C / 86°F, and also the visibility of the water begins to afar from the being, creating permanently scuba-diving and skin-diving.

Maldives Weather in December

The December climate is primarily hot and dry with showers around the middle of the month. now of year is good for a mid-winter escape and a few suns. Christmas and year area unit particularly fashionable and will embody minimum stays at some resorts.

Culture of Maldives

The Maldives is an island nation and most of the country’s culture relies on the island life-style and revolves around the ocean. The culture of Maldives is, curiously, influences and borrows from the cultures of the Indians, Africans, Arabs and therefore the Sri Lankans. Maldivians have assimilated parts of these and designed a culture that’s distinctive. One will still realize Dravidian influences on several aspects of the approach to the life of Maldives even nowadays. As a result of this variety, though one will see similarities and link it back to different cultures, the Asiatic culture has emerged as its own distinctive identity – one thing that all Maldivian’s area unit happy with.

Language of Maldives

The official language of the Maldives is termed Dhivehi that is of Indo-Iranian Sanskritic origin. One will see that this language borrows from all the authority and culture of Maldives. Dhivehi is connected to Sinhalese – the language of state – and different Indian languages, although, currently they are now not reciprocally intelligible. The language is within the Thaana script and written from right to left just like the Arab languages. curiously, the individuals of Maldives area unit regionally known as Dhivehin which may be copied back to the Indian word ‘device’ which implies the island

Religion in the Maldives

Islam is the official and solely allowed faith within the Maldives. To be a national or to possess the land, one has got to be a Sunnite. traditionally, Maldives was a Buddhist country for a protracted time. However, within the twelfth century, a geographical area Arab called Abu Al Barakat brought the primary religious writing to the island. per records, Maldives become an Islamic country in 1152 AD. faith is an integral part of life here, and the culture of the Maldives itself is predicated on Islamic Islamic law.

Getting Around Maldives

By Air

There area unit twelve regional airports within the country, all of that area unit linked to the capital by regular flights. Domestic flights area unit pass 2 domestic airlines, Asiatic and FlyMe. Flights fill up quick, therefore reserve prior to confirming your get the flight you wish. Guesthouses get access to discounted flights, therefore it’s best to raise your accommodation to book your flights if doable.

By Seaplane

The use of seaplanes means nearly every corner of the country may be reached by air, provided that they do not need a runway. Travelers in the main use the services of Trans Maldivian Airways and Maldivian. each fly tourists from the seaplane port next to Velana International airfield bent resorts on 18-seater DeHavilland Twin Otter seaplanes. normally every resort has a contract with only one of the carriers, tho’ some resorts have their own seaplane, that they operate severally.
All seaplane transfers area unit created throughout daylight and supply staggering views of the atolls, islands, reefs, and lagoons. the value is often between US$350 and US$600 come, counting on the distance and therefore the deal between the resorts.

By Bicycle

Bicycle is a wonderful thanks to getting around larger islands, and bikes area unit typically provided to guests at larger resorts and a few guesthouses freed from charge. whereas long bike rides are hardly doable on the little islands (nor fascinating thanks to the heat), you’ll rent bikes simply in Addu coral reef or Laamu coral reef, wherever their area unit the 2 largest stretches of land within the country.

By Boat

For short hops, the boat is nearly the sole choice for obtaining around, given Asiatic earth science and its nearly 1200 islands, solely a couple of that area unit connected to every different by causeways.

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