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Santorini - Greece)

The Santorini is an outstanding island that has become an ultimate travel destination among the most romantic getaways worldwide, not unfairly, since it has discrete dramatic landscapes, a gorgeous wild natural beauty and offers tremendous images and exciting sensations to all visitors. Being an island and a most awesome place it is ideal for supreme summer vacation as it provides precious shores, an open sea, luxurious hotels, attention-grabbing views and the famed warm Greek hospitality and mode of life.

Location of Santorini:



According to The U.S. News & World Report Santorini Island can be ranked as:

Why Should Choose You Santorini to Visit?

The first reason for traveling Santorini to enjoy the best Sunset. There are more than five different places to enjoy the sunset in a different way. Those places are Oia, Fira Akrotiri, Imerovigli & Firostefani. You in no way forget this sunset moment of Santorini.

The overcome village is the second reason to visit Santorini. The fress blue waters with whitewashed house how much beautiful, You can not see in your mind’s eye to the beauty of Santorini without considering the beauty of Santorini lively. It’s positioned 1620 BC which is a huge place to see extremely the beauty of Santorini. The next wonderful thing is the sleep on the terminal of Santorini, As it is an active volcano, For this reason, you can take pleasure in your night with this.

Another beauty of Santorini is To make you more enjoyable, You may get the best wine near to get the most testable wine. October is the best month for drinking wine with a new cyclic vine. The other best reason for coming to Santorini is to see the activities of paradise. The most popular activities are diving, water-based, swimming with sea kayaking, and cave snorkeling all plentiful. It is fully confessed that You must enjoy the tour of Santorini If you visit that place.

Where to Stay?/Santorini Hotels:

If you want the enjoy the famous views of Santorini then you should better to stay at Fira, Imerovigli, Firostefani or Oia. If you want cheap hotels then you should better to stay close to a beach like Perissa, Kamari, and Perivolos. If you want to see different views and a very pleasing and less touristic village then stay in Pyrgos or Emporio. As a rule of thumb though, the better the views the higher the price.

The Best Things to Do in Santorini:

1. Watch Movie at an Open Air Cinema:

Santorini’s weather is so perfect that an outdoor movie is a perfect thing to do on a warm evening. Kamari Village is located on this fashionable Greek island boasts one of the best open-air cinemas in the world with director’s chairs, tasty cocktails and, of course, popcorn. Go there early if you want to get a good seat! You can achieve a lot of experience here.

2. Get a Fish Pedicure:

While strolling during the town of Fira, make a stop to get a fish therapy treatment for the hands or feet at Fish Spa at Kagal Wellness Center. Attach your toes inside the tank and the tiny Garra Rufa fish will gently suck away the dead skin on your digits leaving them smooth as silk. This technique was mainly designed to help people with dermatological conditions, such as eczema, but it can also be very relaxing.

3. A Romantic Dinner Overlooking in Caldera:

Many of Santorini’s restaurants overlook the beautiful caldera and one of the most dreamy things you can do is have a candlelit dinner at one of these eateries, especially if you are able to catch the sunset through your mealtime.
There are several restaurants to choose from, but here are a couple of recommendations.

4. Enjoy Santorini Sunset:

Sunsets in Santorini are the most stunningly and beautiful in the world. Catching one from the Oia’s Byzantine Castle ruins is one of the most popular spots on the island, but the sunset view from the Akrotiri lighthouse, Santo Winery or at a restaurant overlooking the caldera would be perfect too. Or check out these Best Santorini Sunset Spots.

5. Swim at a Red Sand Beach:

The Red Sand Beach in Santorini is situated in opposite to the Akrotiri. This small beach features varying shades of reading that can easily be seen from the headlands if you decide to not take the rocky path along in here.

Best Time to Visit Santorini:

The best time to visit Santorini is between late April and early November when the weather is hot and there is little rain here. For hot weather, swimming, nightlife, and sunbathing visit in June, July, August, or September. For comfortable sightseeing and moderate temperatures, March to May or October to early December are the best.
Due to the popularity in this time a huge number of people visite here. You might be forgiven for instantly assuming because this was the best time to visit Santorini, but this is not necessarily the case.
If you make a plan to travel Santorini, you should choose your date more carefully.

How to Travel Santorini:

By Air: Take a flight from the United States to any city in Europe because there are no direct flights from the United States to Santorini. If you are trying to save money, fly into the city with the cheapest air, which usually is either London or Dublin. You can then book a ticket to Athens on one of the budget airlines in Europe, such as EasyJet or Ryanair. During the summer, EasyJet flies to Santorini from London Gatwick Airport and that is why you would not need to go to Athens first.
BY Train: Use the train service to get to the airport in Athens if you desire rail travel. A huge number of tickets are available and it can be purchased at any rail station. A rail pass can also be purchased from the railway station. If you get a train pass that covers several countries and gives you unlimited travel for a set period of time.

Best 6 Restaurants Near Santorini:

1. Metaxa Mas – Exo Gonia

Metaxa Mas Restaurant – Exo Gonia - Santorini Restaurant Greece
Metaxa Mas Restaurant – Santorini

This is one of the best restaurants in Santorini. If you ask at your hotel? where is the best place to eat in Santorini? They will probably send you some sample for testing. It has available al kinds of food. Have a meal at Metaxi Mas and then a late-night movie at the outdoor cinema in Kamari.

2. Cava Alta – Pyrgos

Wow, this is a great place as restaurant. Hidden in the lanes below the castle in Pyrgos this super-friendly restaurant has some of the favorite dishes in Santorini. Reservations usually not required for lunch but best to reserve for dinner.

3. Argo – Fira

The best restaurant in Fira. There are 2 restaurants directly across the path that have better caldera views but Argo has better food – modern greek with a trendy vibe.

4. Lucky’s Souvlaki – Fira

One of my favorite things to eat on Santorini is a gyro from Lucky’s. Cheap and delicious. No reservations. You order at the cash register then place your receipt on the bar near the cook. Don’t miss this and it is perfect for lunch. Pito Gyros is also a good and the best gyro place in Oia.

5. Yalos – Exo Gialos Beach

Fresh seafood and Santorini flavors at a peaceful beach located about a 10-minute need to reach east of Fira. It is Trendy but friendly.

6. Ouzeri – Fira

Good food in a relaxed setting. The big bright sign makes it look very touristy but the food is great and moderately lower priced. Reservations are optional for dinner but not usually necessary for lunch.

Santorini Weather:

January: The weather is cold and windy. The island is actually quiet with no tourists. January is perhaps the rainiest month and one among the coldest.

February: The weather is cold and windy. Locals mention that Feb is usually the coldest month.

March: The weather remains cold however a tiny low modification happens in March in relation with three previous months. More sun, less rain. It is a pleasant time for hikers and sightseers to go to however they need to be prepared for rain and cold nights.

April: The weather gets heat. in all probability the simplest month for hiking and looking at.

May: The weather could, is systematically sunny and heat. could is one among the simplest months of the year to go to Santorini, once the temperatures area unit high and therefore the probability of rain is low. Santorini hotels have accessibility and nice rates!

June: The weather in Gregorian calendar month could be hot and sunny. it’s the beginning of beach season once tourists arrive in giant numbers. costs for hotels and flights area unit additional affordable in a Gregorian calendar month.

July: The weather in Gregorian calendar month could be hot and sunny. The gregorian calendar month is one among the busiest months of the year in Santorini. Book your edifice a minimum of 2 months beforehand to confirm accessibility.

August: The weather in August is hot and sunny with occasional sturdy winds (ideal for water sports). August is that the busiest still widespread time for jaunt Santorini, immense numbers of families and couples inward within the island.

September: The weather is way like Gregorian calendar month hot and sunny however cooling a bit. The water tends to be hotter because it heats over the summer months.

October: The weather is way like could however the cold is coming back.

November: The weather is commonly cloudy and funky, winter days arrive in Nov.

December: The weather is cool and rainy, although their area unit usually stretches of sunny days.

Culture of Santorini:

Santorini is full of a singular culture that’s solely found here and not anyplace else in Greece. one of the hanging visual aspects of this place is that the painted homes perked up on prime of the volcanic crater, primarily painted white however conjointly during a few alternative colors, that provides it a singular look. variety of films and music videos are shot here, and Santorini conjointly finds mention in multiple novels. The food here is incredibly typical to the current region because the scarce rain ends up in the cultivation of specific crops on the volcanic soil. Santorini, because of its individualism however simple reachability has been often voted united of the highest scenic island vacation destinations within the world. Cultural competitions like jazz or popular music genre festivals and spiritual festival throughout Christmas.

Language Of Santorini:

Santorini could be a settlement in Ellas and so, the bulk, if not the complete population, speaks Greek. However, because of the prevalence of the business trade, English is widely spoken as a second language or usually for business.

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